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Our second artist of the Eco-Art theme is the Zurich based artist Anne-Laure Franchette. Find out about how she explores the link between the living and the built, and how she seeks “ghostly presences” within landscapes. 

Our first artist of the Eco-Art theme is the London based Orfeo Tagiuri. Find out about how the artist delicately weaves narratives into his wood engravings, and how he challenges both the balance and essence of nature within his work.

In this September issue, Superglue intends to break down the subdivided genre of contemporary art related to ‘eco-’ and penetrate it as a standard. The criterion is the relationship between humans and non-humans. It expands the concept of micro-eco-s such as nature, environment, and ecology to the concept of non-humans, and examines eco-Art that can emerge through this concept.

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