SuperGlue Collective

SuperGlue Collective binds, holds, and connects regardless of the material. The bond created by the adhesive withstands the current climate, subverting the inherent challenges of separation.

SuperGlue is a digital art platform created by a collective of art historians based in Seoul, London and Geneva. Co-founders Henry Dowson (UK), Jaeho Shim (KOR), and Cloé West (CH) met during their Master’s degree in contemporary art history at SOAS, University of London. Their drive to launch SuperGlue was born out of a passion for transnational contemporary art alongside their desire to feature up and coming artists. 

Through interviews and weekly articles on the work of emerging artists, the collective aims to create links between artists situated within the three locations. In doing so, we hope to form dialogues and underline parallels between different art productions. Each periodical consists of three articles written by the editors on the chosen theme of the month, discussing an artist with regards to the topic in question. In promoting space for discussion on art, SuperGlue also invites one guest writer each month to share their own interpretations of the theme.


Jaeho Shim
Henry Dowson
Cloé West

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